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Mazda Mx-0 Concept Picture

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Mazda Mx-0 Concept Picture Empty Mazda Mx-0 Concept Picture

Mensaje  pepegema Miér 30 Mar 2011 - 22:29

¿ qué os parece este diseño ?. Mazda deja claro que el futuro está "pintado" de negro, el rojo es residual ... Very Happy Twisted Evil

Mazda Mx-0 Concept Picture 2010-mazda-mx-0-concept-3_800x0w

Mazda Mx-0 Concept Picture 2010-mazda-mx-0-concept-5_800x0w

Mazda Mx-0 Concept Picture 2010-mazda-mx-0-concept-7_800x0w

Mazda Mx-0 Concept Picture 2010-mazda-mx-0-concept_800x0w

The Mazda MX-0 (zero) is a striking looking concept vehicle which was created by a group of nine Mazda designers for the LA Auto Show's 2010 Design Challenge.

The 2010 competition brief was to design a car which weighed under 1,000 lbs (454 kgs), and could safely and comfortably transport up to four people.

Mazda say they have designed the MX-0 concept for the year 2020. But unless car design changes radically in the next couple of years, that's looking a little optimistic!

To accompany the stylish images of the Mazda MX-0 concept, the designers have also written a little history lesson and future projection regarding the MX-0 project. Here it is below:

Zero weight:
Mazda's longtime commitment to low weight is driven by the belief that effortless cornering and acceleration should be at the heart of every car we design. Our featherweight icon - the Mazda MX-5 Miata, tipped the scales at a little over 2,300 pounds in its first generation. Starting with the MX-5 as a benchmark, the design team has carried out a systematic process of reduction and consolidation. In this process, we have redesigned each component in the Mazda MX-0 to carry out the functions of several MX-5 components, effectively replacing a multitude of MX-5 parts with fewer, simplified ones. Innovative lightweight materials have been used extensively to obsessively lower weight.

Zero carbon:
Aimed at the global market of 2020, and with projected volume of 500,000 units annually, the Mazda MX-0 would have positive effects on the world's environment and economy by way of less energy consumption and minimized use of raw materials. High-volume, automated manufacturing of sustainable, inexpensive composites coupled with clean-running drive trains are the key to both low weight and high-volume production.

Zero mass = maximum speed:
At the heart of the Mazda MX-0 is its purpose as a driving beast. Its ultra-light mass is pushed by high-torque electric motors. High power-to-weight is where a Mazda comes alive. Impossible acceleration and instant cornering is the result. It’s more like flying than driving. Zero hindrance. Driving bliss.

NC2 1.8 Style Brilliant Black Mica
NB2 1.6 Active Nordic Green Mica
Mazda Mx-0 Concept Picture 7GtRBd2
And Jim Boemler said about the differences between NB2 and NC2 "They really are different cars, and I think of the NC2 as a better car in every way except looks. It's more "current" in looks, but to me that's not the same as "better". Anyway, while driving it you don't have to look at it... "
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